Registration of a company in Hungary (Kft) + current account in a local bank.

The service includes

Preparation of all documents required for registration;

Stitching of notarized copies of constituent documents under Apostille;

Provision of a legal address for 1 year;

Payment of notary fees and state fees;

Registration with all necessary government agencies;

Company’s stamp;

Courier delivery of documents.


Nominee director services (individually)

Nominee shareholder services (individually)

Opening a current account in the payment system

Guaranteed to open an account with a local bank.

Register of beneficiaries (Not)

Financial statements (Yes)

Nominee service (Yes)

Bank in the country of registration (Yes)

Benefits of registering a business in Hungary:

  1. stable, reliable European jurisdiction with the Romano-Germanic system of law,
  2. reliable banking system,
  3. the possibility of obtaining a residence permit for company employees,
  4. the ability to quickly register as a VAT-payer,
  5. fast registration process, as well as inexpensive service costs,