EU ready firms

Buying ready-made companies with AVELAN is a safe and convenient way to start working on the realization of your plans today.

Working with us, you buy a ready-made company:

  • no hidden debt;
  • with a positive story;
  • with licenses and other documents for admission to a particular activity;
  • legal address;
  • open account in the bank (if necessary) ;
  • founders and executive director of (if necessary) .

With the purchase you will receive:

  • statutory documents;
  • print;
  • SIM card to access and manage a bank card;
  • access to online banking.

Available ready-made companies with a settlement account in the following countries:

Financial statementsNominee serviceBank in the country of registration

There are about 98 company names in our database of various types of activities and the number of working capital (including “nulls”).

It doesn’t matter which city or country you are from. Call or request a consultation and we will contact you.

We work in your time zone.


What is a ready-made company with a current account?

These are companies that are already registered and have a bank account, so you can start your business immediately after the acquisition.
When acquiring a company with a current account, you will receive a complete set of documents and access to the client-bank.

The advantages of a ready-made company with a checking account:

• Ability to start financial transactions from the date of purchase, ie, on the 1st day of purchase.
• There is no risk of refusal to register a company.
• Saving of time (7 days are necessary for registration of a company and opening a current account)
• Legal address already available
• The possibility of concluding an agreement, participation in a tender, bidding, auctions, without delay

To avoid all associated risks when buying ready-made firms with a current account, it is important to help professionals. Working with our company allows you to minimize the necessary time and financial expenses.

Contact us and you will be provided with a catalog of current companies and their price.