Accounting services

Law firm “AVELAN” provides services of comprehensive accounting support for business, we provide high-quality preparation of documents for accounting and tax reporting.

Ordering the provision of accounting services in the Law Firm “AVELAN”, you save time and money, as a highly qualified consultant will complete the task in the minimum amount of time.

Accounting Package:

  • formation and / or restoration of primary documents: cards, personal cards, journals, orders, orders, record cards, acts, inventory cards, etc.;
  • current accounting of PF and goods and materials: taking into balance, documentary registration, inventory accounting, calculation of depreciation and amortization deductions, debiting from balance;
  • organization of circulation of cash and settlement documents: receipt and expenditure orders, documenting the relationship with banking institutions, etc.;
  • financial accounting for settlements with personnel: salary, deductions and accruals to the wage fund, travel expenses, etc .;
  • preparation and submission of external financial statements – a full range of tax and accounting reporting activities, reporting to tax and funds.

We work in Ukraine, Russia and EU countries

The company “AVELAN” provides services throughout Ukraine and neighboring countries. No matter what city or country you are from. Call us, or we will call you back, and there is also the possibility to order a consultation. We work in your time zone.

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  • we will build for you an effective workflow that meets the needs of not only accounting, but also internal accounting;
  • we will provide high-quality internal financial control and audit;
  • We will provide informational support for the management decision-making process.

Benefits for our customers:

  • Compliance with the complete confidentiality of all information received.
  • Adequate cost of services.
  • Great practical experience of all employees.
  • Providing a personal manager for each client.

Professional accounting is necessary not only to provide relevant information to the tax office, but also to monitor all financial transactions that take place inside your organization. It is not always advisable for small companies and private entrepreneurs to maintain a personal accountant on the staff, because it is very expensive to hire a highly qualified specialist on an ongoing basis.

Working with us, you will be sure that your company will develop freely!