Liquidation of firms

Liquidation of a legal entity – termination of the organization’s activities, accompanied by its exclusion from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. At the same time, an organization can be either actually closed or reorganized (reissued, merged with another company, etc.)

We provide liquidation services for companies in the following ways:

  • complete cessation of business (including through bankruptcy proceedings);
  • reorganization (by merging or merging).
  • quick change of the first managers of a legal entity, sale of shares in the authorized capital.

Each of these methods is absolutely legal, meets the requirements of the law and is reliable. The choice of a method of elimination is determined solely by the specifics of your particular case.


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Different methods of liquidation have different consequences, and mistakes can lead to the most serious problems – including the sale of the founders’ personal property and criminal liability even years after the cessation of the company’s activities.

The most common type of business organization in our country is a limited liability company (LLC). Therefore, it is often the owners of this legal form of legal entities that have to deal with the liquidation of a company.

Liquidation of the company is often associated with the following reasons:

  • a large amount of external debt arising as a result of an unstable market situation or non-performance by counterparties of their obligations;
  • low business profitability;
  • the emergence of a large number of unscrupulous competitors;
  • close attention from tax and other inspection bodies.

Our highly qualified employees carefully approach each situation, expose it to a detailed analysis and develop an optimal elimination strategy, which is then consistently implemented, providing support at all stages.