About company

Law company «Avelan»

– one of the leading law firms in Ukraine, founded in 2008. The company provides a wide range of legal services in support of commercial activities of organizations and the protection of business interests throughout Ukraine and neighboring countries. We carry out a full cycle of works on registration of new companies, provide legal support and protection of business, resolve issues of licensing various types of activities, carry out auditing and accounting services.

What do we offer to customers?

  • registration (opening) of companies and changes – legal assistance and turnkey services, which include the preparation of documentation, registration and receipt of documents for a new company or changes to the existing Charter;
  • liquidation of companies – removal of the company from the register or re-registration of the company to a new owner in order to complete the Company’s activities by legal means;
  • sale and lease of legal addresses;
  • sale of ready-made companies – a wide catalog of ready-made companies with zero accounting and with turnovers, completely checked for legal clarity;
  • financial transit – transfer of assets of companies to offshore;
  • nominee service

The benefits of working with us

Law firm “AVELAN” is chosen by individual entrepreneurs and managers of medium and large businesses due to the quality and affordable cost of our services. In addition, the benefits of working with us also include:

  • the constant presence of a large number of ready-made companies,
  • availability of directors of ready-made firms purchased from us,
  • comprehensive service of registered or acquired LLC,
  • possibility of ordering debit cards for a director in a bank of your choice.

It doesn’t matter which city or country you are from. Call or request a consultation and we will contact you.

We work in your time zone.

+38 (044) 578-25-59 
+38 (073) 700-20-20


Also our company is:

  • competent specialists with many years of legal and economic practice,
  • expeditious delivery of finished documentation to companies in Ukraine and in the regions,
  • the possibility of payment for services in cash, to a checking account and electronic currency.

We offer our customers both a specific service and the full range of services on the most favorable terms. The company “AVELAN” has established itself as a reliable partner for its customers. We constantly monitor updates to the law. We love and value our work, our duty and duty to protect and ensure the economic benefits of our clients.

Our goal is to build long-term partnerships!