Registration of offshore companies

Law firm “AVELAN” provides professional services for the registration of offshore companies and opening accounts in prestigious banks of the world.
Our company has established direct contacts with the registration bodies of popular offshore zones:

  • Bulgaria – from 2400 EUR
  • Hungary – from 2200 EUR
  • Hong Kong – from EUR 2600
  • Seychelles – from 750 EUR
  • Marshall Islands – from 1150 EUR
  • Belize – from 840 EUR
  • Panama – from 1350 EUR
  • Dominica – from 1150 EUR
  • United Kingdom – from 1200 EUR
  • Latvia – from 2800 EUR
  • Czech Republic – from 3850 EUR
  • Switzerland – from 11500 EUR
  • Estonia – from 4700 EUR
  • England – from 1600 EUR
  • Liechtenstein – from 12500 EUR
  • Cyprus – from 2400 EUR

By registering an offshore company, you can optimize taxes and ensure the safety of your assets. Some countries offer advantages in obtaining a residence permit to business owners.

We work in Ukraine, Russia and EU countries

The company “AVELAN” provides services throughout Ukraine, Russia and EU countries. No matter what city or country you are from. Call us, or we will call you back, and there is also the possibility to order a consultation. We work in your time zone.

+38 (044) 578-25-59 
+38 (073) 700-20-20


Who benefits and why buy offshore

  • Allow you to significantly reduce or avoid taxation.
  • Due to the lack of strict accountability and continuous audit, it will be much easier to conduct business.
  • Allows you to make investments around the world.
  • Full privacy.
  • Protect intellectual property and financial assets.
  • The presence of the company will simplify the legal registration of movable and immovable property, including yachts, ships, airplanes, etc.
  • Fast and legal tax optimization process.

We work under the simplified scheme, carrying out fast registration, sale or rendering other types of services.

  • You can choose the country in which you want to buy an offshore or open your own company.
  • Contact our specialist by dialing contact numbers or contacting online feedback.
  • Get detailed advice on any of your requests.
  • When negotiating a deal, you can discuss with the specialist of our company all the nuances you are interested in.
  • By paying for the service, you immediately get the result.

Development of effective cash flow schemes

We present ways to use offshore companies in various low-tax schemes. Schemes and contracts can be developed individually for your business.

Offshore firms are serviced by highly qualified professionals – accountants and lawyers of international class.

Specialists of the law firm “AVELAN” will help you legally open your company, establish a foreign account with verified banks in Europe, register any type of property, help you with your company abroad.

Our goal is to help you organize and create a secure environment for your business.