Nominee service

Nominee service

We provide Nominee services for these activities:

  • Internet acquiring
  • Forex
  • Amazon
  • Crowdfunding
  • Security Exchanges
  • Businesses Alternative payment systems (E-pay)
  • All activities related to financial field
  • Churches and charities
  • Financials services requiring license, BGs, SBLCs, MTNs, financial instruments
  • Commodity trading (petroleum, diamonds, metals)
  • Crypto-currencies
  • E-business
  • Other activities

Candidates for the position are citizens of Europe, the CIS and other countries.

All are interviewed and a full check on the presence of companies registered for them, convictions and debts.

We provide worldwide service.
It doesn’t matter which city or country you are from. Call or request a consultation and we will contact you.


We provide denominations from different jurisdictions, the cost depends on the residency of an individual, on the requirements of the legislation of a country and, as a result, on the functionality of the nominee director and / or shareholder.

We also offer the use of nominee services in those countries where, according to the law, only a citizen of this country can be the director of the company, and management can be carried out only on his behalf.

Prices for the services of nominee directors are calculated individually.

The real owner of the company receives from the nominee director and nominal founder:

  • A general power of attorney to conduct business on behalf of the company, to represent its interests, to conduct transactions on its behalf, including opening and managing bank accounts and other powers that allow it to effectively manage all of the company’s activities.
  • Agreement on termination of an agreement with a nominee director (management company) with an empty date, signed by the Nominee Director.
  • A contract for the sale of a share in the authorized capital of a company with an empty date, signed by a nominee founder.

Shelf companies with a bank account, director / founder

A nominee director is an officially enrolled intermediary who functions as a company director.
This is entirely legal and many companies use them for a variety of purposes. In some Jurisdictions, the names of company directors are placed on the public record. The nominee director serves as a proxy for the beneficial owners.
Upon appointment of a nominee director, a document called Power of Attorney is issued in the name of nominee director to the Attorney (beneficial owner). On the basis of the given document, the person indicated in the Power of Attorney, acts on behalf of the company and as a legitimate attorney can sign documents, contracts and can open bank accounts.
The Power of Attorney is issued for a period of one year. This service need to be renewed each year and it can be stopped at any time upon request.

The nominee shareholder is appointed in order to shield the real owner of the company from being publicly associated with the ownership of that company. This is entirely legal.
When you appoint a Nominee to hold Shares on your behalf, your benefits are protected without making your personal details public. Your shares are held under Trust, backed by a legal document called a “Declaration of Trust”, signed by the Nominee.
The Declaration of Trust sets out that the shareholder is bound to fulfill all the instructions of the beneficiary in relation to allocation of dividends, shareholders’ resignation, share transfer etc…
The Declaration of Trust is issued for a period of one year. This service need to be renewed each year and it can be stopped at any time upon request.

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